Kitten Adoption Program

At the Maribyrnong vet clinic we run a not for profit kitten adoption program. All our kittens have come in as unwanted pregnancies, very young (only days old) abandoned by the mother or occasionally overrun rescue organisations. We cannot take in or rehome feral or sick kittens. Most of our kittens arrive in spring and summer but the kitten seasons seem to be getting longer each year.

Our nurses take the kittens into their own homes to look after them until they are ready for their forever homes. Some kittens come into our care as young as a few days old and require bottle feeding every few hours. Giving them a homely place to stay as well as the clinic ensures the kittens are well socialised with a variety of people and animals and are trained to use a litter box. Our nurses put a lot of love and care into raising our kittens so that they can be well loved in their forever homes.

For the adoption fee of $250 you will get:

  • A full history of the kitten from the time it came into our care.
  • First vaccination.
  • Desexing.
  • Microchipping.
  • Up to date flea and worm treatment.
  • A full health check.
  • A carrier.
  • 2kg bag of Royal Canin kitten food.
  • A well loved new member for your family.

 Kittens for adoption are advertised on our facebook page and group. You are also welcome to call or pop in to ask if we have any available. 


What to consider when adopting a kitten

There are a few things to take into consideration before choosing to adopt a kitten. They are of course cute and cuddly but it pays to take time to think before you jump in and adopt an animal.

  • They are a lifetime commitment. Cats can live anywhere from 18-24 years old. You need to be sure you are prepared for the time, finances and energy that is needed for the full length of your cats life.
  • Cost - The yearly cost of owning a cat can be upwards of $700 including vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and food. This doesn't take into account illness or injury which can happen to any cat. 
  • Whether they will fit in with other pets you may own. It can often be difficult to introduce a new pet into an already established territory of another animal. Consider if you have the time and energy to put in to making it a smooth transition for everyone.

Feel free to discuss any concerns or questions with our staff. We love all the kittens that come through our program and we are more than happy to take the time to talk to you and ensure they are going to the best home possible.