Dr Adrian

Practice Owner (BVSc)

Highly motivated and team-oriented, Adrian recognises that people must work together for the best results.

Adrian always loved animals and graduated in 1996. He has been an active member of the Australian Veterinary associaton during this time and he is still an accredited hospitals committee member and inspector.

Adrian has a fascination for "exotic" pets and loves working with lizards, rabbits and birds. Other favourite parts of the job are fixing things around the clinic, having lunch with the team, drinking coffee and having a cheeky scotch at the end of a long day. Another of his affinities is for animal dentistry, complemented by his wife who works as a (human!) dentist.

He has several pets at home which can also often be found hanging out in the back of the clinic including: James aka Shannon Noll (a black domestic shorthair cat adopted from our kitten adoption program), Luigi ( A Toy poodle who comes to work with Adrian and spends time chasing his favourite ball with our nurses), Cheeky boy the Galah and 5 blue tongue lizards.

Outside of work you can find him doing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, roller skating with his kids and eating Parma with extra Napoli sauce.


Dr Gary

Practice Owner (BVSc)


Gary has been in the veterinary industry for 30 years. He was formerly Deputy Head of Surgery at the Lort Smith Animal Hospital, where he has held tenure over ten years.
He was born in Manchester in the UK and initially graduated from Bristol University (U.K.) in 1988, Gary incorporated work with many an adventure around the world before settling in Melbourne.

His favourite part of the job is surgery and he has acheived a high level of expertise in this area. He enjoys that veterinary medicine involves a variety of areas to be involved in including general medicine, radiography, pathology and surgery, just to name a few.

He has 2 cats at home, Huei and Xiao who are both British shorthair crosses that were adopted from our Kitten adoption program.

Outside of work  he enjoys arts, cinema, antique book collecting, travel, eating good food and drinking a nice wine.

Dr Sami

Veterinarian (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine)

Sami graduated in 2015 and started working for the clinic in 2017.

Sami grew up in Macau, China. She was an only child and her pet dog Bobby was her best friend. He inspired her to become a vet.

Her favourite part of the job is getting to help animals and hearing different and interesting stories from the people she meets everyday. 

At home she has a 6 year old Jack Russell x Cavalier called Noodle. Her husband named him after his favourite food. She also has 5 goldfish.

Outside of work she enjoys baking and board games. She is the "handyman" at home and has a thriving vegetable garden. She currently has 18 corn plants growing at home! 

Dr Amara

Veterinarian (BBMed DVM)

Amara has been at the clinic for 2 years, She started in 2021.

She grew up in Melbourne and always knew she wanted to be a vet because of her love of animals and people. Being able to help both at the same time makes being a vet her perfect job.

Her favourite part of being a vet so far is being constantly challenged and learning something new every day. She also loves being able to make people smile by treating their beloved fur babies.

Outside of work she loves all things outdoors and exercise. She loves doing crossfit, fun runs and hiking. She even participated in a trek to Everest base camp. She is also a serial bruncher and creates recipes for her own food blog.


Practice Manager (Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing, Certificate II in Animal Studies)

Jacque is our shared practice manager, working at the clinic since 2017. 

Despite not having any pets until she was 15, Jacque has always found animals fascinating and finds them almost magical. She has always wanted to care for them and comfort them in times of need. She has always believed in helping those that can’t help themselves.

She has a few animals at home now, two cats Leo and Toby, both adopted as strays brought to the clinic. She also often has one or more kittens that she is looking after until they find their forever home through our kitten adoption program.

As well as working at the clinic, she is also a volunteer for Wildlife Victoria as a rescuer and transporter. She can be found in her spare time on crazy missions around Melbourne trying to help injured wildlife. 

She believes that one of the best things in life is laughter and is always trying to make people laugh and smile.



Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary nursing)

Marygrace has been working at the clinic for 2 and a half years.

She is from Melbourne and became a vet nurse to show her family that animals need just as much care and attention as humans do.

Her favourite part of the job is the heartwarming feeling she gets after helping nurse a very sick pet back to health. She loves seeing the animals thrive and being a part of the healing.

At home she has a 7 year old British shorthair cat Named Lune.

Outside of work she enjoys Baking pastries and desserts and going on long hikes.


Senior Vet Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary nursing )

Isabella (Bella) has been working with the clinic for five years.

She is from the western suburbs of Melbourne and has a Serbian and Greek background.

She has always had a passion for working with animals and has wanted to be in the animal industry since she was a little girl. Previous to being a vet nurse she fostered puppies and kittens for various rescue groups, some as young as 1-2 weeks of age.

At home she has a Beagle called Kassie who is 13 years old and a Domestic short haired cat named Toby who is 14 years old.

Her favourite part of the job is meeting all of our lovely clients and their fur babies. She loves that each animal is unique with their own special personality.

Outside of work she enjoys gaming, reading and listening to music. Her dream is to one day go swimming or cage diving with sharks as she finds them fascinating and terribly misunderstood.


Veterinary Nurse (Certificate IV Veterinary nursing Certificate II Animal studies)

Charmaine did work placement at the clinic in 2018 and was offered a job once that was completed. Before working at the clinic she worked and volunteered at the RSPCA.

She became a vet nurse because she has a passion for loving, understanding and taking care of animals. Animals have always interested her and she loves learning new things so Veterinary nursing has allowed her to truely love her work.

At home she has currently has no pets. In the past she has owned guinea pigs, rabbits and lots of fish, Rabbits are her favourite pets and she enjoys helping look after the pets of friends and family. She has always had a fascination with handling reptiles including snakes and lizards, 

Her favourite part of the job is the confidence she has gained from working at the clinic. She loves that not only is she helping animals but they are helping her open her heart to have empathy and compassion for them and the clients. She enjoys knowing she has made a difference.

Outisde of work she enjoys performing arts, playing and writing music, musical theatre and dance. She also loves camping, exploring nature and going on road trips with friends.

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