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How to entertain your dog when you're not at home

Mental stimulation for your dog.  Are you heading back to work after Covid? Will the kids all be heading back to school after the holidays or homeschooling? Are you out of the house for long periods ...
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The importance of puppy preschool

The importance of puppy school. Bringing a new, cute, four legged, furry family member home for the first time is something very special. They bring so much fun, joy and love into our lives. However,...
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What happens after you drop your pet off for desexing?

Pet parents worry as much as human parents when they have to leave their beloved animal at the vet to have surgery. It's understandable. What happens behind the scenes is the unknown for most people. ...
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Why desexing is so important

One of the things you will always be advised to do by your vet when you get a new puppy or kitten is to get them desexed. So why is desexing so important?  Every year approximately 150-200,000 anima...
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Lilies - The beautiful flower that can be deadly to your cat

Lilies are an extremely popular flower all around the world, with good reason. They are beautiful with a lovely aroma and look amazing in any garden or flower bouquet. Unfortunately, lilies are very t...
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