Daylight savings is over, and it’s taking our motivation with it!

Those beautiful warm extended nights are now over. As daylight savings gave most of us an extra hours sleep, it’s probably also taken away our motivation to take our canine friends out for a walk when we come home from work in the evenings. The weather will get cooler, and the days shorter, and we will just feel like curling up on the couch with a blanket and hot drink!

With pet ownership comes responsibility! So regardless of or how cold it might be, or how tempting that movie is to watch, toughen up, put on your extra warm coat and a hat, and explore the outdoors with your dog.
You might consider changing the time of your walk. If you normally take your dog for a walk in the evenings, maybe try a morning walk instead.

For some of our K9 companions, decreased exercise may lead to boredom and destructive behaviour like chewing furniture, or digging.
It can contribute to weight gain which in turn will obviously affect our pets health by putting unnecessary strain on their joints, heart and lungs.

With the changing weather, take into consideration your pets comfort also. Perhaps they need a coat too when you go out for a walk, or if they are in the backyard. You might need to change their bedding to something warmer, or add an extra layer in their kennel.

For some extra motivation, why not check with your local council for some pet friendly parks nearby? Perhaps even take them for a drive somewhere special on the weekend? Your pet probably gets bored of taking the same route every day, and would love new places to sniff and explore.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and frolic in the autumn leaves!



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