When out walking your with your furry little friends, especially when off lead and in high grassy areas, beware of the dreaded grass seeds.
If you’ve seen a grass seed before, you will notice they have an arrow-like head on them, which makes it very easy for these pesky seeds to get embedded in places, most commonly between their toes. It is also not uncommon for them to end up deep within the ear canal.
Here at the Maribyrnong Vet, we came across a poor patient who had one in his eye… OUCH!
These seeds can cause painful swellngs and abscesses, which may then require a procedure under general anaesthetic or sedation to remove the seed.
What can you do to try and prevent your friend from being a victim of a grass seed? Plenty!
Firstly, avoid long grassy areas if you can and try sticking to the footpath.
Always do a thorough inspection of your pets coat after you come back from a walk. Give them a good brush if necessary, and don’t forget to check in between their toes, armpits and ears.
In the warmer weather (and when grass seeds are more common), keep their coat trimmed nice and short to make it easier for you to inspect, and harder for those grass seeds to come into contact with the coat.
Not only should you be cautious of the environment you are walking in, but always be vigilant about your home environment, keeping the grass short by mowing your lawn regularly.

Bring your pooch to the vet if:
*you see them licking a particular area more than usual.
*notice any swelling, oozing or redness.
*your pet is shaking their head, or pawing at the ear.

Now that you know what to look for and how to prevent your mate from suffering the grass seed blues, go out and enjoy your walk together!



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